Eye Lash Tint 20 mins £9

For darkened, more defined lashes, that will bring out the lashes, especially for those with fair hair / grey colouring. Great for holidays (no mascara smudges!) I Brown, black and blue-black colours available- i will help you decide the most suitable colour for you! Lasts 4-6 weeks

False Lashes 5 mins £10

These temporary lashes will create shape and depth in the eye area, add definition, enhance a look, provide thicker, longer and darker lashes and can be an alternative to wearing mascara, great for special occasions or a weekend of partying! (Strip or Cluster Lashes available).

See High Definition Brows for eyebrow tinting and shaping.

PLEASE NOTE: All tinting and lash treatments require a patch test at least 48 hours prior to your appointment. There is no charge for this test.