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So after hearing many good things about Environ skincare and seeing an Instagram story, (that wasn’t an ad) raving about them from local influencer, Kate Hayes, I decided to get a facial to try out these sought after products. My skin has been in desperate need of some TLC and I’d been dreaming about getting a facial for ages! So this is how it went..


The treatment 

At the Environ counter in Beauty Bazaar, Harvey Nichols, Liverpool, skin specialist Nicole and I sat down and went through a consultation about my skin. The consultation was a good, thorough one, around 30 mins. We discussed what I’d like to improve, my current skin care routine then I was asked to put my face in a fancy machine and close my eyes while it took 3 photos of my face. I have to say I was very impressed with the fancy machine! It tells you your pigmentation/ sun damage, de-hydration & wrinkle levels as well as redness and even the percentage of open pores 😮 The results of my skin analysis showed that my skin was quite dehydrated and on the dry side. We agreed that I may have been exfoliating a little too much… and not drinking enough water. So this would be the main thing we’d work on.

After my skin analysis, Nicole recommended which products she would advise I start using at home and explained how I should use them. We then went through to the treatment room upstairs where I lay on the bed with a blanket over me and she put a heated pad under my shoulder. The usual cleanse, tone,  massage & mask was carried out. The mask felt like a gel that was painted on and then after a few minutes, peeled off, pretty much in one piece. Nicole was sure to check whether I was claustrophobic and if it was ok to go over my eyes and mouth. She then also used a machine in circular movements around my face, which, when I asked about later, she explained was used to penetrate the products 1000 times deeper into the skin- amazing! Whenever it went near my ears I could hear almost like a buzzing sound and it felt a little prickly around my cheeks (it didn’t hurt). The products smelt amazing, especially the cleanser! The facial treatment itself was around 30 mins.


I should probably take my own advice and actually start having regular, monthly facials rather than just once a year… I’m sure others can relate when I say us Beauty Therapists are usually the last people to treat ourselves. Self care is a big thing at the moment and there’s a reason for this, it is SO important and we really do need to start taking the time to look after ourselves more and put ourselves first for once. Self care is often something we overlook and according to Psych Central, self-care is key to reduced anxiety and improved mood. I don’t know about you but I would definitely class having a facial as self care!


So as a follow up to my trip to Harvey Nichols, I’ve been using my Environ products for just 4 days now and my spots already look like they’re healing better and my skin definitely looks more hydrated.  Nicole and I plan to re-evaluate when I go back and re-do the skin analysis in 6 weeks. I’ve booked to go back and see what improvements, if any have been made. If you’d like to hear all about my follow up comment below or send me a message.



The verdict

As a fully qualified Beauty therapist myself and having offered facials for around 10 years before I decided to drop all my other beauty services to focus just on brows & waxing, I’ve got to say I’ve never seen such a scientific and results driven system for a facial before 👏🏻 I was especially impressed with the consultation, being so thorough. I’ve been to so many salons and spa’s that don’t even do consultations before a facial- this blows my mind! How do they know what products to use and recommend!? I also loved how Nicole explained to me how to use the products at home for best results. Again, I’ve not met another facialist that does this. I would highly recommend trying out Environ if you want to treat your skin- you won’t be disappointed 🤙🏻

You can find your nearest specialist here. I’d love to hear from anyone whose read this and has decided to try them out. Let me know your thoughts?

What’s your favourite facial products/ brands? 🤔 

Until next time, Hannah xxx

Disclaimer: This is not an ad- all opinions are honest and my own.