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A-List Beauty – Intimate Waxing

Liverpool Beauty blogger, Yasmina @aloveaffairwithbeauty describes her  intimate waxing experience at A List Beauty.

Whether you go Bikini, Brazilian or the everything off Hollywood she-bang, intimate waxing is a full-on personal affair. Those of you who have had down there stripped bare, will know it’s not exactly like getting a facial.

Of course how you groom down there is entirely up to you. An intimate wax should only ever be something you want and not pressured into getting done. Personally, I like to go more hair-free as it makes me feel that little bit cleaner and importantly more comfortable.

I’ve only every had a handful of Brazilian waxes in my time, with the last one being nearly a decade ago. Always wanting that smoother for longer finish, I’d book myself an appointment in the hopes I could finally ditch the razors and feel that little bit more, dare I say sexy!?

Unfortunately that was never the reality. With every strip there would be pain and the next day I’d have broken out in such sore angry spots. Definitely more chicken than just chic! My skin would be so irritated, by the time it had calmed down, I’d already have hair growing back. Finally, after an at home attempt to do my own waxing, which as you can imagine did not exactly go to plan, I gave up and went back to the razors. It wasn’t until I heard about A-List Beauty that I even started to consider the idea of giving wax another go.

A-List Beauty is run by beauty therapist Hannah over in West Kirby over on the Wirral. Just a short walk away from the train station, her home salon is THE place to go for Intimate waxing. Hannah herself is qualified up the wazoo (pun fully intended) when it comes to beauty therapy. Her business A-List Beauty specialises in two treatments, HD Brows and Intimate Waxing. Concentrating on two areas means Hannah is an expert and what she doesn’t know about intimate waxing, isn’t worth knowing. Trained by The Wax Queen herself, Kim Lawless, Hannah knows all the top tips and tricks for the best wax you can get. Fact! Obviously I won’t be providing any before and after photos but trust me when I say A-List Beauty is fantastic.

So let’s get down to business! To start off with, Hannah believes the right positions mean the client shouldn’t have to participate in keeping the skin taught for successful hair removal. I was super relieved to hear this as I don’t exactly have the skills of a professional contortionist.

She only needed me to move into two positions throughout the whole thing. First up was the all fours, lower-back down, bum up! Yes, I know it’s not exactly glamourous and at first I did feel very self-conscious. However, it’s important to remember Hannah has seen it all before and the more you relax the easier it will be. The second position was on my back with legs resting either side of the treatment chair. It was nice to be able to just lie there and chat away with Hannah. I’ve never been able to do that in situations like this but any pain was so fleeting, it barely had time to register with my brain. Hannah knows just the right way to pull the wax and when to apply pressure to minimise the sting. In fact minutes after the treatment had finished, I started to question if I’d even been waxed!

When it comes to the actual wax, only the best will do for A-List Beauty. Euroblonde by Perron Rigot is a french depilatory wax used in salons all over the world. This type of wax is the best in the business when it comes to hair removal as it’s natural and perfect for those more coarse, tough hairs. Unlike strip wax, this hot wax molds to your body, only sticking to the hair and not your skin. It hardens to be easily removed but still remains flexible and fluid enough to minimise any pain and discomfort. The wax felt warm on application but never too hot it burnt.

When finished, Hannah smooths lots of cream on the area to stop rubbing and irritation. This is the first step to the aftercare process and I would advice you take comfortable knickers. Yes it doesn’t exactly look or feel sexy but it’s the best thing to do. Hannah takes aftercare just as serious as the waxing itself and provides you with a leaflet with important information on how to get the best results from your wax. I’m now a proud owner of a Japanese style exfoliating wash cloth (purchased from A-List Beauty) that I use to gently buff the skin and keep things problem free.

It’s been weeks since I had my Brazilian and I haven’t had a single problem. Not one. No redness, no itchiness, no ingrown hairs, nothing! I am beyond impressed with Hannah’s skills, that it’s definitely worth the trip over the Mersey from my home in Liverpool (by train I might add too!). Seriously, even if you’re visiting the North West get yourself booked in, you won’t regret it. I even booked my next appointment the same day, just to make sure I get one before all you lot read this post and book them all up!

Would you believe that’s the face of someone who’d literally just had an intimate wax? Neither would I!

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