Maintaining your brows through a pandemic

Online Masterclass


Hey love!


I want to offer you a little pick-me-up during this time and serve you in the best way I can. I’ve created an online training programme to show you how you can ​maintain your brows yourself at home whilst you can’t make it into the salon.

​Don’t worry I will show you a step by step of how to shape them yourself (without destroying your existing shape and making a huge mess of them!)

What’s included:

  • Introduction to Maintaining Your Brows Through a Pandemic
  • My go-to products/ tools
  • Full product break down and must-haves
  • Detailed in-depth step by step of brow mapping and how to maintain your own brow shape whilst you can’t make it into the salon
  • In-depth step by step make up tutorial from start to finish
  • Learn how to create the perfect brow finish
  • Aftercare advice & products I recommend
  • Your most common brow dilemma’s and my most FAQ’s answered
  • 10 min Bonus footage – How to sharpen your pro pencil & brow tec demo to get those crisp, sharp, hair strokes as well as product comparisons including colour swatches so you can find your perfect match and my favourite tip on how you can be more environmentally friendly with cosmetics.



H​ere’s how this works,

  1. The cost of the programme is just £20​
  2. Once you’ve submitted payment, I​ will send the training programme that shows you exactly how to ​maintain your brows ​(without making a mess or destroying your current shape!) ​through email within 24 hours!
  3. Send me a picture when you’re done so we can celebrate your beautiful work!

Simply click the book now button below, select ‘Maintaining your brows through a pandemic’ then ‘Book now.’  You will be asked to book a time slot (which can be any time/ day) and make your payment. Please ensure you have a GMAIL email address set up before purchasing this Online Class. If you don’t, please head over to & register a new account, it only takes a few minutes to set up.



That’s it! I told you it was easy.

You won’t risk scary,​ comma/tadpole or completely unsymmetrical brows that we’ll then have to fix and start from scratch again.