Retail Guide for Waxers

Do you sell Retail to your clients?

If not, you might be giving them a disservice…

Your retail wall is full of products that are collecting dust … WHY?

Like most obstacles in our industry, we are letting fear get in the way of serving your clients properly.
Don’t let your retail products go to waste. When you made that order, you made it with a purpose.

Let that purpose carry out.

Retail products are necessary in post-client care. They create longevity in your work. They create confidence when clients realise that they can maintain their skin correctly with the right products.
Offering products opens the space for you to educate your client further on their services and their specific skin type. We can never miss an opportunity to personalise each appointment.

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Meet Your Mentor: Hannah Clothier Founder & CEO of A-List Beauty

Hey I’m Hannah, a serial entrepreneur & Founder of A-List Beauty.

I’ve been a Brow & Waxing Specialist since 2011 and have a very successful Beauty business with a loyal clientele of 300+ of my ideal clients who visit every 4-6 weeks without fail. I launched my first product during lockdown 2020 and have since added my own biodegradable exfoliating washcloth to my line which is one of my top sellers. 

Since I applied the strategies that are included in this guide,  not only did my clients get the best possible results from their services with me because of their exceptional homecare routines,  client retention and profits increased too! It’s a total win win!

That’s the beauty of a well-executed retail strategy.

So if you feel like your current retail sales strategy needs a little help, honestly, most of these bad habits come from fear. Get over the fear. Know that your clients want to buy retail from you. They want to support you. Sell that retail and make that extra 10%.

If you want to start optimising your beautiful work, give new confidence to your clients with their home care routine so they are not missing out on essential homecare all whilst maximising your income… I’m your girl!

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