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Wednesday, 5 September 2018

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I have been forever plagued by thin, sparse brows, think back to high school when I and this will shock you, I never filled my eyebrows in! Part of the reason my eyebrows are so thin, sparse is genetic (thanks mom and dad!) and no matter what I seem to do I can’t get amazing thick brows (like my younger brother does) so thankfully Hannah from A-List Beauty invited me to come and try out the HD Brow treatment and transform my brows.

About A-List Beauty

The amazing face behind A-List Beauty is Hannah, she has been working in beauty since 2000 and after working in salons across the Wirral and Liverpool she decided to set up her own business in 2009 and has been going from strength to strength ever since! Hannah has been qualified as HD Brow stylist from 2011 and has gone from an HD Brow stylist to the first and only HD Brow Master Stylist in the Wirral and Liverpool. Not only does Hannah offer HD Brows and express brows, she also offers eyelash tinting and a variety of waxing treatments.

HD Brows

The HD Brow treatment is a multi-step treatment that Hannah performs which allows her to use her Master Stylist expertise and the shape of your face to give you the perfect brow design for your lifestyle and face shape. Please, please, please be aware that to get your perfect eyebrow it’s not going to be a one treatment process, it will take a series of treatment to train your eyebrows into your perfect brow shape and then maintenance treatments to keep them in the perfect look. For all treatments, Hannah requires a patch test that is left on for 48 hours and left for her to look at the start of the appointment, she also requires a minimum of 4 weeks of hair growth to give her the best hair growth to shape your brows.

The treatment starts with a consultation period where Hannah will go through your health forms to ensure there is not something in the HD Brow treatment that could cause you injury or a reaction (DO NOT go to someone that doesn’t give you a health questionnaire or a patch test, you don’t want to have a serious reaction. At the end of the day it’s your face, not theirs!) and discuss what desired brow look you are going for. This is also where Hannah will use her Master Brow Stylist expertise to guide you in how you can get your desired brow look that will match your face shape, skin tone and your own personal style. For mine, we decided to go for a natural softened blunt look as I don’t wear makeup every single day so if she went for a glam brow it would be really bold and stand out when I chose not to wear makeup.

Then it’s time to dye! Hannah creates a custom blend of HD Brow dye that will pick up all those lights baby hairs (or in my case a LOT of fair baby hairs) before she waxes them into the perfect shape. Before she waxed my eyebrows, Hannah drew on the shape that she was going to wax and style them into for me to ok. Whilst Hannah will use her expertise to give you your perfect brows, she makes sure to ok every step with you and make sure you are happy as she goes along to ensure that you are kept fully up to date and happy with the end result! We went for a grey-brown dye that would darken my super fair blonde brows but not take them super dark (I was due to go blonder a couple of days after the appointment so we chose to stay on the lighter side to keep them more natural).

Once the dye has been sat on for a couple of minutes (it feels like no time at all), it’s time to take it off and get to shaping the unruly brows. First up is waxing the excess hairs to get them into the right shape. For anyone that might be worried about the hair removal section and any pain related to it, I have super sensitive skin and it was painless and my skin wasn’t left super red afterwards. The tweezing and threading was then done to catch those last couple of stubborn hairs and blend the brows (I’ve had threading done that was super painful and made my skin super red and my eyes water, Hannah was painless!). Hannah then finished up with a mini makeup lesson showing me how to fill my eyebrows with the HD Brow products, she showed me how I can fill in my eyebrows with the blonde eyebrow pencil and a super sharp black pencil to fill out the sparse areas above the arch and at the front of my eyebrow to make them look like natural hairs without making my eyebrows look super dark!

I’m super impressed with how my eyebrows turn out, I was there for about an hour from start to finish including the first time consultation and it felt like no time at all before my eyebrows were transformed and I was ready to go on with my day. The entire thing from was only £35 and particularly for someone like me with light, sparse brows having one treatment will last me a long while so it doesn’t seem like a massive down payment just to get your brows done once. Hannah does offer express brows where you can get either waxing or threading with finishing for £18 so you can always get a tidying up in between the full treatments. I’d highly recommend heading to Hannah for the HD Brows treatment for anyone situated on the Wirral or Liverpool.

Have you had HD Brows done before?

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*I was invited by Hannah for the HD Brow treatment at A-List Beauty.
All opinions are honest and my own.